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AutoCAD® 2006 enabled designers to work more efficient on a wide range of different tasks with powerful new features such as improved hatching, arithmetic expressions in tables, Dynamic Blocks and Dynamic Input. In the following I will tell you about the new features in AutoCAD 2007.

AutoCAD 2007 gives you a wide range of useful features to deliver comprehensive technical documentation. From conceptual design through 2D drafting and detailing, AutoCAD® 2007 software helps you create and try out new ideas, whether you’re working on manufacturing, building, or civil projects. With a single tool you can design, visualize, document, and share your ideas. That excellent tool is AutoCAD 2007, and there’s never been an AutoCAD release with so many 3D modeling enhancements. An idea is only an idea until you do something with it, and with AutoCAD 2007, you can bring your ideas to life, sketching and continue creating until you see your ideas as a digital rendering.
Download Autocad 2007 Full

You can combine your customized AutoCAD with an updated conceptual design environment, AutoCAD 2007 helps you quickly create, edit and navigate 3D solids and 3D surfaces. Visualize your model while you draw with dynamic input, easily create solids by taking advantage of familiar 2D design tools, and quickly extrude 2D geometry to produce solids. AutoCAD 2007 is by far the best release for 3D modeling, especially the possibility to edit 3D objects are significantly improved.

Use the new Section and Flatten tools to quickly extract drawing information from your conceptual model. Create an elevation or plan view, then add dimensions and annotations as part of the drawing creation process with the Section tool. Furthermore you can automatically project your model down to a 2D illustration with the Flatten tool. With the block editor you can also access and edit multiple variations on a single block. Dramatically reduce cumbersome block libraries with Dynamic Blocks, by adding dynamic behavior to existing block libraries. For example you can interactively stretch the block with a list of lengths. Moreover you can access dimensions and command options right at the cursor with Dynamic Input on-screen. Organize your drawings with the sheet set manager. With this feature It is now easy to access and publish drawings from different projects. All the new features will save you time, hence increase productivity. Finally, I should mention the possibility to customize AutoCAD. You can customize AutoCAD so it fits your working requirement. Organize the toolbars and menus in way you find convenient. You can add your own toolbars, menus, commands and keyboard short cuts, anywhere in the user interface of AutoCAD. This is a strong feature that separates AutoCAD from other CAD software. No other CAD software developer has built customization so brilliantly. After reviewing the software, I believe that the new features in AutoCAD 2007 will be a important aid in your daily work with drafting.

I have used AutoCAD for more than a decade in 2D drafting and 3D modeling. I can honestly recommend AutoCAD 2007 for drafting and 3D modeling of architectural design. But when it comes to the mechanical area, then I recommend Autodesk Inventor Professional for 3D modeling. This software package will get a job done faster, because it is designed for mechanical engineering.

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