Free download Game AirStrike 3D - Game bắn máy bay cực đinh

Free download Game AirStrike 3D - Game bắn máy bay cực đinh

    It’s 3 A.M. when you hear your telephone ringing. The intelligence sources just got a terrifying report about plans for the upcoming terrorist attacks masterminded by a powerful underground terrorist network N.I.T.O., that keeps in fear peaceful citizens for over three years already.
    After a forty-minute drive, you enter the headquarters of the Air Force. The commander gets right to the point:
- We’ve got the intelligence report that N.I.T.O. has switched to the active phase of their operations – they’ve increased their oil output to get more money and they are building various weapons factories. The terrorists are still in possession of the nuclear warheads that were stolen. Thus we have to act covertly, in order to avoid open face-off with the terrorists, so that the nuclear disaster won’t happen.
    Our Commander-in-Chief has decided to plan a secret operation to destroy terrorists’ strategic bases. I’m going to be honest with you - this operation is extremely difficult and dangerous, because you have to act alone. Any mistake will lead to the nuclear war. You are the best person in our crew and you are the only person capable of solving this difficult situation. We’ll provide you with all modern weapons and crafts you may need. We hope the mission will be successful.

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